Columbia Headquarters

Columbia Headquarters building is a 420,000 square foot, 12-story office building situated directly across the street from Warner Brothers Studios.

Chandler was given the development and construction assignment. As a result, the property was purchased, planned, rezoned, and designed for this particular headquarters project. It was constructed on a fast-track basis, where we received the permits for excavation, then separate permits for the 8-story garage, and followed by the permits for the building which sets on top of the underground garage and parking structure. This fast-track basis enabled us to save eight months in the planning process, as we did not have to wait until the complete drawings were permitted due to excellent cooperation from the City of Burbank, which issued us three separate permits.

The design was complex in that we were constructing the garage prior to having a building permit for the building, which obviously caused some great concerns and very careful engineering and design work.

The building currently houses the executives from Warner Brothers and is owned by the Douglas Emmet Group. The design is exceptional and is on the cover of the City of Burbank’s business directly and is also the lead project in their outreach program to bring new business and vitality to the City of Burbank.

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