Chandler Pratt & Partners is a local development firm with a 35 year track record developing commercial and residential real estate in Northern & Southern California. The firm is in the business of creating added value to real estate assets. Our mission is to create the maximum value in each real estate asset transaction and/or development. Our successful track record is due to four factors that we rigorously adhere to:

  • Financial Discipline
  • Local Development Expertise
  • Superior Market Knowledge
  • Quick, Knowledgeable Decisions

Development Strategy

The firm divides its real estate projects into three main areas, which creates synergistic opportunities:


Multi-Family and Mixed-Use
Rehabilitation Apartments & Condominium
New Development Apartment & Condominium
Land Entitlements Synergistic Opportunity


With this unique focus and accompanying skill sets, Chandler Pratt & Partners can acquire land currently zoned for Commercial use and create value by gaining Residential zoning.

Each area possesses its own unique set of financial parameters, return ratios, and performance goals. By combining all of these into one business plan, we are able to analyze our real estate opportunities with various entry, hold, and exit strategies tailored to achieve our business plan.

Equity Partners

Chandler Pratt & Partners teams up with both large and small investor partners, in a strategic alliance, to fund and develop a series of projects. This allows quick execution, reliable delivery, and better productivity. Chandler Pratt & Partners has a select group of investors in place, funded, and ready to invest.

Chandler Pratt & Partners performs as development partner and managing member. Equity investors are capital partners.

Chandler Pratt & Partners invests in projects with its equity partners under terms similar to:

Multi-Family and Mixed-Use
Project Size: 30-300 units$10-100 million total cost
Equity Amount: 20%
Exit Strategy: 50% of projects are held long term; balance
are sold


Project Characteristics

The following describes the general parameters of our projects:

Project Overview:
  • Market Rate
  • Senior Apartments
  • Luxury Apartments
  • Young Professionals
  • Retail Mixed Use
  • Community Space
Income Level:
  • Affordable
  • Luxury Market Rate
  • Seniors
Site Characteristics:
  • Small urban in-fill sites: 1+ acre
  • Large suburban in-fill sites: 5+ acres
  • Lower density projects on large sites where land is available
  • Mixed-use components of retail or office, depending on the market
  • High density multi-story projects on tight urban sites
Size & Architecture:
  • 30 to 300 units for new development and rehabilitation projects
  • 100-300+ units for land entitlements
  • Type III & V – 1 hour fully-sprinklered with surface parking